Sunday, September 19, 2010

Song #7 "Dream Catcher"

I went a little crazy today with the backdrop. I hung my roomies curtains from my wall and recorded the drums, guitar and vocals seperately. When I record with a backdrop I have to move my computer to the middle of the room (because that is what I use for a camera), then unplug and re-plug in all of my recording equipment. The backdrop process took 30 minutes alone. Then I recorded the guitar, the congas and vocals (then a vibesy keyboard part). The song took 6 hours to come up with and write and the backdrop/recording/editing took 4 hours after that. I started my song at 3 today because I worked from 8-3. so if you do the calculations ... I got to bed pretty late. I work full time and am starting to get POOPED by the end of the day. Especially exhausted because the song is so cheesy it makes me bloated just thinking about it. Onward and upward.

Goodnight moon.

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